What fully embracing your personality in your marketing has to do with attracting your perfect clients

What fully embracing your personality in your marketing has to do with attracting your perfect clients


When I’m talking about being magnetic with your marketing, there really is no complicated secret.

It really boils down to embracing who you are, shamelessly being yourself, and unabashedly sharing your unique personality with the world.

It’s about having fun, which is pretty easy when you‚’re being yourself, since that‚’s what comes most naturally.

When you give up self-judgment and insecure what-will-they-think mentality, you are free to be yourself.  This way, your best and perfect clients are naturally drawn to you.

It’s because they resonant with who you are, what you‚’re about, and what you stand for.  They’re attracted to you.

It’s your unapologetic uniqueness that makes you magnetic.

You might be wondering how you might apply this to your business.  If you are selling a professional service, like financial planning, real estate, mortgages, life insurance, etc., there are obviously tons of agents in your industry running around wherever you are in the world.

At any networking event or Chamber of Commerce meeting, you know this is true.

How can you be authentically unique?

How can you separate yourself from the competition in a way that is congruent with who you are and magnetically draws your best clients to you?

I was reading Ben McConnell‘s article on TOMS shoes.  I’d never previously heard of TOMS shoes (they’ve only been around since 2006), but it’s a great example of how the founder (Blake Mycoskie) embraced who he is and what he stands for to create magnetic buzz (and customers!) for his product.

You can read Ben’s take on TOMS shoes by reading his article, but basically Blake Mycoskie went to Argentina, fell in love with a certain style of shoe they wore, and decided to redesign them for the American market.

The second thing that he discovered about himself while on this trip to Argentina was the compassion he felt for those living in poverty.

Already, you are probably thinking about how this story resembles your own story.  I’m going to use agents selling real estate as an example, but this can be applied to any of you in the selling professions, so when I refer to real estate or real estate agents in this article, just substitute your industry.

So, there is a reason you began selling real estate, and on the surface that reason may simply be entrepreneurial, as in the case of Blake.

This is a good thing.

Secondly, you may have tapped into a more emotional reason that resonates with who you are as a person.  Maybe you want to help single mothers discover the joy of home ownership.

Or, perhaps you’ve seen people interested in real property investing, and they are struggling with that.

Maybe you connect with the plight of those who have great credit histories, but cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel because they can’t come up with a down payment.

These are just examples.  They all boil down to the human need and desire to connect meaningfully to others and to do good work that leaves a living legacy.

Some call this need or desire in action giving back or paying it forward, and this “giving back” may be true for you.

But, I want to offer another view.  I think that at our core, each of us fundamentally is seeking self-expression of our spirit and of our personality.  Whatever we are doing, we want to express who we are.

This is true whether we are the seller or salesperson, or if we are the buyer.

And when you as an entrepreneur do that — dare to boldly express who you are through selling — you stand out to the best and most perfect clients for you . . . clients who are necessarily different from who are perfect for someone else.

Like a magnet, they cannot help but — they are compelled, as it were — be drawn to you.

But, back to our example of Blake and the creation of his TOMS shoes.

So, Blake took the Argentine shoe model, redesigned it, and decided that for every pair of shoes sold, another pair would be donated to children in third world countries who do not have shoes.

This was brilliant.

His entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a desire to express his personality through giving in this specific way resonated with his ideal clients, and they came in throngs.

At the time of Ben’s article (About this time last year — July 2008, to be exact — so the number is surely substantially higher by now), Blake has sold over 200,000 shoes since 2006 and has given away the same.

(Incidentally, another brilliant marketing component that he employed was the concept of customer interactivity.  His well-crafted strategy allowed people who resonated with his cause to also express their own personality and spirit.  They were able to ride on Blake’s enthusiastic coat tails and, by purchasing TOMS shoes, to participate in his philanthropy.  People LOVE contributing to something bigger than they are, and in this case, it didn’t cost them any more to do so.  Another key takeaway here is that buyers express their own identity through what they buy and through the charities they choose to give to.  Blake’s TOMS shoes offers buyers a powerful outlet for this expression.)

How might you follow Blake’s TOMS shoes example to stand out from the “sea of shoes” in your industry?

Are your proverbial wheels turning in your brain about how you can creatively imitate Blake’s story to create your own?

In the real estate market, many donate time, money and resources to Habitat for Humanity.  This is an amazing charity that does great work.

The challenge is that this charity may not reflect your personality or assist you in standing out so that your ideal clients can recognize you in the crowd of competition.

I think the first step is really getting clear on what turns your crank.  What drives you and excites you?

What is your personality, and how can you make that prominent in your marketing to magnetically attract your perfect clients?

I know I’ve only scratched the surface of this discussion.  I welcome your thoughts and comments, as together we both expand and hone into what it means to be totally and completely ourselves in our business and our marketing in order to attract and magnetize to us our ideal clients.

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